top tips for blogging newbiesBe yourself: Stop trying to be like someone you admire and instead find out what unique offering you have. Many people want to be like Linda Ikeji and that’s were they fail it. Try to be yourself, if u want to be like someone else u will be an imitation of the real person. U have something people are looking for, stop wasting time and bring out the You.
Be Awesome and never mislead people:
There’s enough mediocrity out there. Stop adding to the noise, and do something outstanding. Never lie, mislead, or cajole. Trust is slowly earned and easily lost. Never twist a topic for traffic sake, never post fake news, don’t trick people with irrelevant posts stuffed with keywords.
Don’t measure stats too early: If you’re obsessing over daily numbers and you’re only a few months into your blogging journey, you’re wasting your time. It’s still too early to pay close attention to trends. After that, make sure you have Google Analytics installed.
Make your content easy to share: The majority of content that’s shared online is done through social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, and others. You should make this easy for your readers to tell their friends about you. (A WordPress plugin I recommend is DIGG DIGG, and use for blogger blogs/website)

Never underestimate the importance of networking: If you’re not connecting regularly with readers and other bloggers, you’re missing out. Make out time to respond to comments.

Write timeless content: On the web, old content is perceived as irrelevant. Write posts that will be valid for 2-3years. This is one of the main reason why I ran away from my entertainment/news  blog.
Have a good mindset: Our mindset affect everything we do. One of the reasons why I failed and almost quit blogging is my mindset, I started blogging just to make money online, along the line I discovered u must be ready to offer something to get something in return. So
Write as often as possible: Constantly capture ideas and turn them into posts. A tool that may help is Evernote. Schedule posts if you have a busy week. Be sure to publish posts at least 3times a week.
Build an email list: Place subscription boxes at strategic places (below posts, in your sidebar, in your footer), install call to action, you can use mailchimp or sumome, If you ever want to sell or promote something, having people’s email addresses (and their permission to use them) is essential.
Make ur blog design look proffessional: There are many free professional templates, be it blogger templates or WordPress themes. I download blogger templates from Templateism or Gooyabitemplates. Bad design can get in the way of good content.
Be generous: Give away more information, content, and ideas than you’re comfortable with. People will reward you. Link to others, but never let someone pay you to do so.


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