stop cryptocurrency mining

The need to know how to stop cryptocurrency mining cannot be over-exaggerated.

What is Cryptocurrency Mining?

Cryptocurrency mining is nothing new on the internet. Some internet gurus tend to install scripts that mine cryptocurrency even without the consent of the user thereby using up many resources on the victim’s PC and as a result, slowing down the users pc. 

That’s why I put up this article to help us stop cryptocurrency mining from unsuspecting webpages.

How to know when your browser is mining cryptocurrency;

First, let’s know when we are a victim.

  • If your PC lags when you visit a particular site, chances are you are a victim.
  • If your browser CPU memory shoots up to above 40% and above then you need to stop cryptocurrency mining.

This issue of cryptocurrency mining without the consent of the user is not moral, but there are no laws against this practice, yet.

Now the question how to stop cryptocurrency mining;

no coin cryptocurrency mining blocker

  • Go to Google Chrome extensions page and search for “No coin” extension or install it directly from here,
  • After installing the extension you will see the icon as shown in the picture below.

See Also:

no coin extension icon

When this icon is displayed in Google Chrome, you are protected from cryptocurrency mining, because this extension automatically blocks the scripts and the ads that are used for this practice.

You can do a quick test by visiting the websites that eat up your CPU memory and see the difference.

I hope this write-up helps you stop cryptocurrency mining on your PC. If you have any question use the comments section.



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