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If you find this page that means you are looking for a way to reset windows 8 password without losing your files.

Did you forget your PC password? This might happen on a retired PCs or friends’ PC,  or even your own PC, it is possible. I want to show us how to reset windows 8 password without losing files.

Let’s get to work. Get a Windows 8/8.1 bootable DVD or flash drive with windows 8/8.1 you can read how to create a bootable flash drive

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Steps on how to reset windows 8 password

  • Insert the disk,
  • Restart the PC,
  • While starting set boot device to DVD ROM or flash drive as the case may be,
  • When prompted to press any key to boot from the medium you selected, hit any key,
  • Windows will start loading files after loading files choose language and click next,
  • Click repair your computer on the next screen,
  • Click on the second option which is “troubleshoot”,
  • On the next screen click on advanced and then command prompt,
  • In the cmd program type “c:” without quotes and hit enter,
  • Type “cd windows” without quotes and hit enter,
  • Type “cd system32” without quotes,
  • Hit enter and type “ren utilman.exe utilmandd.exe” without quote and hit enter, actually, this step is to rename the utility manager to another name,
  • Type “copy cmd.exe utilman.exe” without quote and hit enter, this step will make a copy of cmd.exe and rename it utilman.exe,
  • Then type exit to close the cmd or simply click the close button,

Restart your PC

  • Restart your PC, on getting to the windows login page,
  • Click the ease of access icon at the bottom left corner of the screen, this will launch the command prompt program,
  • In the cmd type “control userpasswords2” without quotes and hit enter, a window will pop-up like the picture below,

reset windows 8 password

  • Click on the user you wish to reset its password and click on reset password,
  • Type any password of your choice or leave it blank if you don’t need passwords and click ok
  • Now close the command prompt and log in.

You should have logged in successfully, and that is all on how to reset windows 8 password

Now to revert the changes we made.

Thats all on how to reset windows 8 password without loosing files.


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