This occurs when a writer deliberately uses someone’s language or ideas or original material without acknowledging the source. The definition applies to text publication published whether in print or online. To bloggers this happens when a blogger copies a post from a fellow blogger or a forum without giving credits to the original source. This is mostly common in entertainment/news sites, though some tech bloggers are found in this act.
Shun Plagiarism

Causes of plagiarism

Greed: Sorry to say but the need to have hundreds of posts and apply for adsense causes this. Most guys have bad mindset; they want to make money online as easy as possible. Since writing a post can take days they prefer copy and paste.
Imitating Pros: Most bloggers want to be like top bloggers, and that makes them forget what they can do and go for what these gurus are doing. For instance someone who has good fashion sense or who is a phone tech geek but wants to be like Linda Ikeji who owns a news/entertainment blog, will end up working on another person’s skills without working to improve his/her own potentials.
Bad Effects of Plagiarism to bloggers
It destroys intellectual property.
It discourages research.
It destroys bloggers’ reputation.
It destroys professional reputation.
It destroys the blog/site reputation.
It will be difficult for you blog/site to appear in first pages search results.
It has illegal repercussion i.e. the person plagiarising may be sued to court if the original owner of the article chooses to.
My Advice
Flee from Plagiarism, there something you are good at that is being sought out there, if you leave what u are good at, u will end up plagiarising because u will run short of ideas sooner than u think.
Have a good mindset; many people think they can make millions of money overnight with blogging, that is true but nothing good they say comes easy, u must work. Have in mind that u are writing each post to help people out there looking for information, don’t just copy someone’s post and twist the title or anything. We get inspiration from other peoples’ post/article but if u must copy someone’s post give credits to the owner.


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