7 must have Hand tools for a Technician” is locked 7 must have Hand tools for a Technician

This is a list of 7 must have Hand tools for a Technician. Technician know thy tools.

  • Screwdrivers

screw driver

Used to drive in/loose flat or cross head screws.

  • Allen Keys

allen key

Are used to fasten or loosen screws that have star-shaped depression; these screwdriver tips have a firmer grip and do not slip out that easily whilst fastening

  • Wire Cutters

wire cutter

Wire cutters are helpful in stripping and cutting wires as per ones need

  • Pin-Nose Pliers


Needle-nose pliers provide cutting and holding functionalities to the user. They are useful especially in hardware and electronics repair; because of their pointed needle-like tip, they come in handy if a nut or an element has become stuck in an otherwise unreachable cranny of the motherboard.

  • Wire Strippers

wire stripper

Wire Strippers are pliers that help in stripping the wire off its insulation. A wire is generally coated with a covering of insulating material. If the situation demands, the wire has to be stripped off of all its insulating covering to use it, say as a connector or a cable. A wire stripper consists of a pair of blades that function as a pair of scissors does.

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  • Crimpers


Crimping tools or crimpers are used to connect wires in such a manner that they are able to transmit data. Two wires are joined together with the help of a crimping tool by deforming either one or both of the wires. Every single one of the wires to be conjoined is first placed in the connector jack and then squeezed and held together to form a uniformly conducting wire.

  • Tapes


Used to cover naked wires in case of a joining or opening.

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