How to Upgrade thin client X1 firmware

I want to show you how to Upgrade X1 client firmware.
This upgrade fixes hanging, no display, or won’t save details (automatically reverts to old settings after clicking save. e.g changing IP, creating users etc) for all green panel X1 thin client and some red panel clients.
The files we will need to achieve this are Phoenix suit and the upgrade file
<<<<<Download Phoenix Suit>>>>>
Password for zip file:
For the Upgrade file contact me
+2348061688205 or email:

You will need a PC and a USB cord
Disassemble the client.

  • After downloading the files.
  • Install Phoenix suit
  • Extract the files to your PC anywhere you can easily find it.
  • Open Phoenix suit as administrator,
  • Click the firmware button,
  • Click on image to choose the location of the extracted firmware.
  • Then plug in the client with the USB, you will be prompted to format 

upgrade x1 firmware


Just click yes  to upgrade thin client X1 firmware


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And its done
If you are not prompted automatically, hold down the power button on the client until it goes off.
Now press the power button continuously ten times. You should have been prompted by now
Just click yes and Tah-Dah.

Password for zip file:

For the Upgrade file and to know more on how to upgrade thin client X1 firmware, contact me on WhatsApp
+2348061688205 or email:


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