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The main reason why you need to secure your local disk is to avoid unauthorized access to data.
You may create a login password but that will not stop people like me from getting to your files.
So I want to show you how to secure your drive using Windows BitLocker encryption.
I assume that you partitioned your system already i.e you have more than one Local Drive.
Then Right-click on the drive you wish to lock and click on “Turn on BitLocker”



Then check the box before “Use a password to unlock the drive”

Then type in your required password.
Then click next. 
Note: your password must contain an uppercase letter and numbers.
secure your local disk with bitlocker

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Click on save the recovery key to a file. That’s in case you forget your password.

Click next.
save bitlocker password

Then click on start encrypting to secure your local disk with BitLocker

encrypt with bitlocker

Note that this might take time to complete. It depends on the amount of files stored in the drive you want to encrypt.

secure your disk with bitlocker

encryption started

Hope your question was answered.

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