remove Shortcut virus

How to remove shortcut virus is quite easy. Did you insert your flash in a friends’ system or in a cyber and all your files were gone leaving your flash full of shortcuts? That means your flash has been infected but do not panic because I have a way out. I have been in your shoes before and what I want to show you helped me regain my files in a twinkle of an eye.
The shortcuts you now see on your flash drive are shortcuts to the main file but most time you can’t get to the files. All you have to do is to download Smadav USB Antivirus,

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After installation which should be done in less than one minute. Go to My Computer, Right-click on your flash drive and click scan with smadav
When is done scanning just click on fix all and TA-DAH you have your files back. I bet there’s no other easier way to remove shortcut virus
To avoid getting your system infected by this virus I recommend using Kaspersky Total Security.

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