Lets talk about moving ur blog posts from a blogger blog to a WordPress. Owning to the cost of using WordPress most newbies go for the cheaper blogger blog, especially the aspect of blogger offering free hosting when u buy a custom domain  and giving u easier access to play with template or theme html and many more.
So along the line u might decide to move to the more professional WordPress, if u found this post it’s likely that u are looking for an easier way  to move ur hundreds of posts from blogger to WordPress without copying one by one. Here is How:

Go to ur blogger dashboard,
Click on settings, under settings click on other,
You will see import content and backup content,
Click on backup content to get an xml file containing all your posts including labels, comments and pages.
That done.

backup content

Go to WordPress admin page,
Navigate to tools,
Click on run importer,
Under blogger and upload the xml file exported from blogger and that’s all.
If you have the plugin that automatically sets ur featured image then all is done, but if u use you probably have to set the featured image one by one.
export content
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