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I want to show you how to install multi OS in one single PC in case you want to run two or more different Operating systems on a single PC, maybe you’re much in love with an OS but don’t want to lose your current OS. This is for you. I am writing this post with the assumption that you can install your OS. Knowing how to install multi os in a single pc is quite simple once you follow the instructions.
Make sure your Hard disk has enough space, It’s better if you have enough space on your hard drive disk.
Install the first operating system lets say Windows 7, and do partition your system.

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For instance, If you have a 320gb hard disk and you want to install two operating systems, it is advisable you create three different partitions, one for OS A, second for OS B, then the last for saving your files. After installing the first OS, note the drive where you installed the first OS and proceed with the installation of the second OS in a different Drive Partition, And Ta-Da You are done
If you have an operating system running already and you want to add a second, this is what to do to create another partition,

how to install multi os

Then continue with the installation of the second OS

The pictures above show how you will be able to select the OS to run after full installation.
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