In my previous post, I showed us how to get 1GB for #200 And now I want to show us how to get 1.2GB for #150 and 350MB for just #50. I bet you are going to bid goodbye to the Night plan which now gives 250MB for #50. This is not a trick, you just need to subscribe to a new MTN plan called MPULSE. To migrate to MPULSE dial *344# and follow the due instructions to migrate to the plan. After successful migration dial *344# again and choose the second option to buy a data bundle.

how to get 1.2GB for #150

Choose the first option for 350MB for #50 the second option for 1.2GB for #150. Dial *559*93# to check data balance. For now this bundle works on all Google sites like youtube, blogger, adsense, playstore, blogger blogs/sites and every other site owned by google. I am working on how to tunnel it to power all websites and apps. Your comment motivates me the more, and do subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates first.



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