What is Blue Screen of Death

Blue screen of death also known as Blue Screen is an error screen displayed on a Windows computer system after a fatal system error when the operating system reaches a condition where it can no longer operate safely. Most times users freak out when they see this, but I tell u there is no cause for alarm because most times it’s not a hardware issue and we got your back.

Causes of Blue Screen of Death

  • Wrong device drivers
  • Bad Memory.
  • Incorrect Bios Settings
  • Corrupt OS
A problem known is half solved. So after listing the causes of Blue Screen let’s go to how to fix it.
Whenever you encounter this kind of problem, one of the reasons mentioned above will likely be the cause.
1. If you recently installed or updated a driver, that might be the issue, What you will have to do is to start the system in safe mode and uninstall the newly installed driver and restart windows normally.
To start a system in safe mode
Start the system,
After displaying the logo, hold down the f8 key on your keyboard until you see this screen

blue screen safe mode
safe mode
then scroll to safe mode and hit enter, you will be prompted that Windows is running in safe mode, you proceed with safe mode by clicking yes,
Go to device manager and uninstall the newly installed driver and restart ur system.
If you are not sure about the driver u just installed/updated I recommend you perform a system restore,
If u did not install or update any driver so move to No 2.
2. Test the memory modules on your laptop or desktop computer one by one, that is if your system has two memory modules, but if not ask a friend who shares the same memory type with you
3. For users who run Windows XP on a SATA hard drive, incorrect bios settings can also cause a blue screen, so if you run a Windows XP on a SATA hard disk kindly refer to our previous post on how to set ur bios
and be sure that your CMOS battery is ok in order to retain bios settings
4. If the aforementioned tips didn’t fix the problem that means you have to format your system and holla you are good, But this should be the last resort because it involves losing files.
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