how to fix pes 2013 game plan error

I have been playing PES 2013 without the game plan for years now but earlier this week I decided to find a way to fix PES 2013 game plan error and it was not easy getting the solution, I got it after days of wasting time and resources and I decided to share it with us.


So we are going to tweak this game a little so we can be able to get into the game plan and even play exhibition matches, master league and lots more.
The file we will be using for that is Kitserver and here is the download link

Password for zip file:
And yes I didn’t mention this, the problem I had while getting this patch was getting a link to download from. Most of the links I came across were crowded with annoying surveys and malicious link, that’s why I decided to write this article and with a simple survey free link. 
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kitserver by detechguru


Steps on How to fix PES 2013 game plan error

After downloading the file,

  • Extract the contents to your desktop and copy the extracted files to your game destination folder.
  • Then open the folder and run “manager” as administrator,
  • Click on attach to attach pes 2013 to kitserver,
  • If you see a success message, close the window
  • Run “config” as administrator
  • configure the config as shown in the picture below
  • check the box close to “enforce picture quality and set it to medium
    set the game speed to 1.04 and save.

how to fix pes 2013 game plan error


Remember password to the zip file is
That’s all. If u know a better way to fix PES 2013 game plan error, let us know through the comments section.
Enjoy your game and subscribe for updates.



  1. I downloaded the file, did everything right but then there’s a new problem. The whole application isn’t opening. just loads on the desktop and then stops loading like i didn’t try to open it at all.

  2. Hi,

    I just attaching the Kitserver, I followed the procedure as stated.

    The response is Error? Setup failed to install Kitserver 13 for ..\pes2013.exe

    No modifications made.

  3. I wonder if it’s not too late but I ran as administrator and followed everything to the letter it’s still crashing at exhibition match and game plan

  4. My pes 2013 is not displaying because there is no d3dx9_30.dll on my computer. Then after downloading the all file and pasting in system 32 and restarting my PC it still displaying same error of no dll. Pls how can I fix it


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