How to Create multiple Youtube Channels with one account

Lets talk about creating multiple channels with one google account

U will agree with me that switching accounts to access different channels will be a stressful thing to do so i started looking for a way to create multiple channels with one account and it got me do to this.
Now lets get to work;
Before you can do this you will need to create a new google plus page that will be linked to that youtube channel so go to and sign in with ur google account which u wish to create multiple channels, when u are logging in to google busineess for the first time you
Click on brand,

Choose a name and enter the website or blog u wish to connect to the page,
check the terms agreement box and click on “create page” edit urpage by adding details, profile picture and cover photo and note that the new youtube channel we are about to create will bear the Profile Pic and the Cover photo of the page including details.
That done.
Go to youtube in a new tab
click on your account icon and beside
creator studio click on settings,
Under additional features click on “See all my channels or create a new channel”
Now u will see the google plus page u  created under Brand accounts for Ur email address click on the new page and it is done.

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