Hello, i want to teach u how to create a direct download link with google drive. Most people won’t like the site of ads around ur download page, and most free space companies encode their sites with auto pop-up, most times it can be annoying.

Everyone knows google gives out 15gb to each account, If u are a newbie instead of paying for hosting space which u may not be able to afford, u can get up to 1 terabyte worth of free space, by simply creating multiple google accounts, 10 accounts gives u 150gb which u can’t finish in a hurry.

Google drive Sign in
Google drive

Now lets get to work
Sign in to drive.google.com with ur google account,
Click on new,
Click on file upload,

Select the file u wish to upload and click open
After successful upload right click on the file and click on get shareable link,
Then go to ur notepad and paste,
Take note of ur FILE ID which usually consists digits and alphabets

drive file id

Now copy the url below and replace xxxxxxx with ur file id
Now u can choose to shorten ur link or just embed it into ur post and see the wonders.
Note: There wil be no Virus scan warning for files bigger than 25mb because we stoped that in the url already.

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