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Today we will talk about how to convert dynamic disk to basic disk,
The basic feature of a dynamic disk is; it is an enhanced partition table in windows that enable enhanced features such as software raid, but you can’t easily create or delete partitions. While the basic disk gives you full access to play with the disk, (create or delete logical and extended partitions in the disk)
There are many advantages of a basic disk over a dynamic disk to an ordinary PC user.
Some cons of a dynamic disk to an ordinary user are:
1. Not easy to revert to basic without losing files
2. Cannot run most OS (some version of Windows, Linux) from a dynamic disk
3. Cannot read the disk from all version of Windows operating systems
For  more info on dynamic disk vs Basic Disk go here
For an ordinary user there is no need for a dynamic disk, so if u are stalked on how to convert ur disk to basic and play with it then let’s get to work.

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We will need 3rd party software to achieve this goal. EaseUs Partition Master is the software.
After installing the app you need to activate it., I will include the download link for app and crack below this post, After installing and activating the app, launch the app, u will see a list of all the disks attached to the system, locate the dynamic disk, right click on it and convert to basic. after the process, you will be prompted to restart your system. After restarting your system u can now create and delete partitions as you like.
Here is the download link: EaseUs Partition Master
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