change Windows Start-up Tone

This post was made to show you How to change windows startup tone,
There are a few ways to achieve this but we will be looking at the best and easiest way to do it.
We are talking about using an app and the app we will use for this is winaero.
Here is the download link

the password is detechguru
Now unzip the file and double-click to install, follow the instructions and open file after installation.
On the left pane just like in the screenshot below

change Windows Start-up Tone

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Click on startup tone circled in the picture above,
Before going further you have to locate the sound you want to use and convert the sound to a “.wav” file,
Then back to winaero,
Then click on replace startup sound on the right, and choose the sound you converted
Then you click open,
Restart your system or log off and log in so changes will take effect
That’s all


Hope this helped you change windows startup tone, like and share with your friends.


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