create flash image for HP T5325

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Create Flash Image for HP T5325 

To create flash image hp t5325 is quite different from others.
First Download the Image link from this link


After successfully downloading the file, extract the contents to a flash drive, recommended flash drive size is 2gb. And that is all

Note: This client has no bios so you can’t change any settings. Just follow the steps below to boot from USB

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Booting from a USB Flash Drive
To boot the client from USB flash drive
Power off the client.
Insert the Flash drive into one of the USB ports on the thin client.
Press and release the power button, and then quickly press and release the power button again within a one-second interval.
After about 15 seconds, the unit beeps and dialogue is displayed verifying that you wish to re-image the device.

Some USB flash drives may not work. If the unit does not boot from the USB flash drive, try removing all other USB devices and insert the USB flash drive into one of the rear USB ports. If the unit still does not boot from the USB flash drive, try a different flash drive.


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