how to create a secret folder

We know that the security and privacy of your data are very important that’s why I have created this step by step Tutorial on how to create a secret folder on your pc.

If someone has some time in the past barged into your private files and folder or seen something that you had wished to be kept private, well I think this post is for you. 

Now after reading through this post, you should be able to protect your folders or a private diary, financial logs or maybe some private videos and pictures.

Now let’s move down to business.

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To create a secret and private folder thus protecting your files, you have to follow this detailed tutorial carefully.

How to create a secret folder using Invisible Folder Icon 

  • Navigate to The Storage Location. On your PC, the storage location could be C: or D: or you could plug in an empty and unused USB flash drive and navigate to that drive.
  • Create a new folder named temp in the location where you would like to keep your file.
  • Create a new folder inside the temp folder that was created in the second step.
  • Click on Properties. On the new folder that has been created, right-click on the folder and click on the properties option.
  • Click on the customize tab.
  • Under the customize tab click the Change Icon option which allows you to customize your icon thumbnail or image and guess what, you could make your icon invisible from this very option.
  • Select one of the empty spaces as your icon. Once you are inside the icon interface, you are to select one of the empty spaces as your icon. To achieve this you just have to scroll to the right on the pop-up window.
  • Click the “Ok” button on both icon and properties menu. 

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create a secret folder

If done correctly, your icon should be just a blank space as in the image below.

Time To Move Back Abit.

Renaming Your Folder:
  • Select the second folder that was created in step 3, and rename it.  Now, this the tricky part which is where we have to create an invisible name as we all know that all folder must have a name. To achieve this, you just have to hold down the “Alt” key while imputing this new file name (if on a laptop, hold down the “Fn” key as well) and punch down this keys 0160 or 255 on the number pad after which you hit the enter key.
  • Move your files. If you did the above step correctly, you should notice that your folder now has both an invisible name and Icon. Now, you just have to move your files into it.


How to create a secret folder using the “hide folder feature”

hide a folder

This option is quite easy to get done.
Create a folder just like we did in the previous method. 
Choose any name of your choice,
Move files into it.
Then right-click on the folder, click on properties,
Change it’s “Attributes” to hidden,
Be sure to apply the changes to folder, sub-folder and files. (This is to prevent the files in the folder to appear in search results.)
That’s all.
Now to access the files on a later time,
On a Windows 10 PC open the windows explorer,
Click on the View tab and check Hidden items box
Remember to revert this after viewing your files.


That’s all on how to create a secret folder.

If you have any question kindly use the comment section and remember to share.


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