how to clone a hard drive

There are many reasons why you might want to clone a hard drive. You might want to have a complete backup of your files including OS, upgrading your hard drive like migrating from a less capacity hard drive to a larger drive or from a Hard Disk Drive(HDD) to a Solid State Drive(SSD).

Now to achieve this you need third-party software. There are many programs that can be used but I recommend EaseUS Disk Copy because of it’s sleek and easy to use interface.

EaseUS Disk Copy is a reliable and professional-grade cloning software for home and business. An ideal solution to help you copy one HDD/SSD to another without data loss.

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Features of EaseUS Disk Copy Include

Create backups and migrate system
Easily migrate your data, operating system and applications to another hard drive without any data loss. It can save your time to reinstall the system and avoid severe damage.

Clone HDD to SSD
Clone a hard drive onto an SSD and speed up your PC.

Create a Bootable USB/CD/DVD
Create a bootable CD/DVD/USB to clone disk in case of system failure.

Simple Interface and “One-click” Migration
No need to hassle with complicated migration settings with its easy user interface. With its simple one-click auto migration settings, you can transfer data without any error.

Download EaseUS Disk copy from here

After downloading the file Install the Program.
Before we go further you need to get the destination drive ready, and this could be done using an external Hard drive enclosure or a SATA-to-USB adapter.

Now follow the steps below to clone a hard drive

  • Launch EaseUS Disk Copy and you will see a list of disks connected to your computer. The first disk in the list labelled “Disk 0” is usually your main disk, where your computer is booting from. If you have more than two disks in your computer try and distinguish each by clicking on each of them to know which is which.
  • Select the Clone source that is the Hard drive you want to clone and click Next,

how to clone a hard drive

  • Select the Clone Destination/Target that is where you want to copy to and click next
  • Note that data in the destination disk prior to this clone will be lost.
    So click OK when you are prompted to do so and the disk cloning process will start.

EaseUS Disk Copy

Cloning might take a long time depending on the number of files in the Source drive.

After cloning you can now install your new drive as the main drive if you did this to upgrade to a better or larger drive.

That’s all on how to clone a hard drive.

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