things pc owners should know

This is a list of the most important things pc owners should know in order to keep their pc safe and in good working condition.

  • Clean dust from your PC

This might sound odd, but it is a good practice. The more dust accumulates in your heatsink the more your system lags, performance, and lifespan is affected negatively, even your keyboard is not left out. So do dust your PC regularly.

  • Scan your PC for virus and spyware

This is one of the most important programs that a PC needs in the world we are today, with virus, adware, and spyware being created everyday knowingly or by accident, I recommend you scan your PC at least once a week with a very strong antivirus and antispyware. And if you connect to the internet with your PC that’s more reason to protect it. Personally, I use Kaspersky Internet security and Smadav. You can get it or any other that works well for you.

  • Clear your Recycle Bin

Most times the files we think we deleted were never really deleted. They hide in the recycle bin. The recycle bin is just like a refuse bin, the refuse bin is not gonna clear itself unless someone does that. So clear your recycle bin regularly.

  • Clean up your Temp folders

Mostly for Windows PC. Windows normally save a lot of unneeded junk in the PC which takes up space. There’s a very good program called CCleaner, which will automatically clear out the unneeded data. For Windows users, there is a shortcut I use which I will share with you.
Launch your run program,
type in this keyword without quotes and hit enter “%temp%”,
A window opens up, this is temp folder where junk files are saved,
Highlight all and permanently delete them by holding down the shift key and hitting the del key,
Check and see the number of junk files that you will get rid of.

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  • Check your Programs

Know the programs you need and the ones you don’t. Always get rid of programs you rarely or never use in order to free up some space and prevent unneeded programs from overworking your CPU.

  • Know the OS type your PC is running

The windows PC normally runs types the x64(64bits) and x86(32bits). Knowing this will help you know the version of programs you have to install in your PC. Though 32bit programs might run on a 64bits version, a 64bit program cannot run on a 32bit version.

  • Make sure you have two or more drive partitions

Always have two drive partitions in your PC, one for OS, the other for your personal data, in a case where your OS gets corrupt or you have to format your PC. You never can tell when your PC will get attacked by a virus. So in order not to lose your files, partition your PC.

  • Back up your data

You actually need to back up your data regularly because you don’t know when your hard drive may fail or in a case where your OS corrupts. Don’t back up in the drive where your OS is installed, always back up your file in external storage.

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